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  • Effective weight loss, slimming holidays at the seaside in Jastrzębia Góra



We organise slimming holidays for different age groups. We offer a comprehensive programme which promotes a healthy lifestyle, supports fighting obesity, staying fit and beauty care. The holidays are organised as 7, 14 and 21-day stays which always start on Saturday. Our guests are constantly supervised by a doctor, dietician and qualified instructors. The sports and nutrition plans are tailored individually. The programme of slimming holidays takes into account the guest’s health condition and dietary preferences. The diet, exercise plan and slimming treatments are prepared according to it. Guests can consult specialists at any time during their entire stay. 


Our staff includes:

  • a general practitioner (GP) – after preliminary examination, the GP determines the health condition, potential limitations related to exercising and qualifies for appropriate treatment;
  • physiotherapists – perform physiotherapy treatments which support weight loss;
  • biological regeneration specialists – determine individual treatment plans related to biological regeneration such as: sauna, needle bath, hydro and manual massage;
  • sports instructors - qualified specialists who run recreation and physical exercise classes adjusted to the guests’ needs and abilities;
  • therapists and psychologists – conduct individual meetings as well as talks and lectures;
  • dietician – prepares an individual well-balanced diet;
  • cosmetologists – perform cosmetic and beauty treatments for your body, face and nails.

The slimming holiday programme includes: 

  • body shaping and slimming treatments;
  • body detox treatments (cleansing herbal treatment);
  • polarised light treatment;
  • developing an appropriately balanced diet and dietician consultations;
  • sports programme – including among others aqua aerobic, room work out, Nordic walking, stretching;
  • biological regeneration treatments – massages, sauna, needle bath;
  • cosmetic and beauty treatment based on Thalgo cosmetics – masks, moisturising, facial and body detox, slimming and body shaping treatments, wrinkle reduction (among others: hyaluronic acid injections), lifting and laser treatments, pedicure and manicure, permanent make up and many others;
  • Lectures, talks and meetings for slimming holiday guests which are aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, information about weight loss methods, nutrition and treatment guidance, fashion and everyday beauty care advice. Our lecturers are dieticians, cosmetologists, make-up artists, stylists, psychologists;
  • Medical examination – metabolic and hormonal profiles are analysed together with a 40-years-old profile and thyroid results.

The programme for slimming holidays
in our facility is developed by specialists and the guests are under their constant supervision.
We promote a holistic approach to weight loss, nutrition and health. As a result, the guests not only participate in the slimming programme, but gain valuable knowledge about a healthy lifestyle for the future.




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